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If you’ve tried the CBD oil, you’re probably a fan like us. We are three (almost) ordinary people who swear by the CBD oil and think it is a shame that there are more people that know that you can buy cannabis oil, which contains trace amounts of the psychoactive substance THC . Therefore, we have partnered with a Swedish manufacturer and stacked this shop on the legs, so that all Danes have the opportunity to buy proven CBD products at a reasonable price.

about the manufacturer

CBD oil in our product range comes from 100% legal industrial hemp (see. EU rules), grown without the use of pesticides in Swedish fields. In order to obtain a good end product, the manufacturing process is really important. In order to preserve as many of the active chemical substances from the plant as possible, a particularly gentle extraction method. It is an expensive and lengthy process, but the best way to preserve all the molecules. Hemp has a naturally balanced cocktail of nutrients that complement each other so beautifully and the goal is to preserve this composition, as well as possible.

For the extraction process used organic olive and coconut oil. You will therefore no harmful by-products of acetone, carbon dioxide or alcohol in our products. Some of the products are added essential oils, extracted from organically grown plants to meet the needs of customers who are not as enthusiastic about the taste of hemp.

CBD oil Worldwide

The substance CBD is considered in the US as a medicine, but since these products contain relatively low amounts of CBD, they do not fall into this category.

We hope that you find the information on these pages useful and of course – most importantly – we hope that you enjoy your CBD products.